We all have a calling or purpose in life. I call it your divine yes. It’s simple it’s the thing that makes you happy. “I once knew a man that said what made him happy was fishing all. He quit his job and headed out on his boat. He spent the day fishing, catching and releasing more than he could eat.”Happiness, happy, purpose

Divine Yes

“One day he realized he wasn’t happy. He loved fishing, but it didn’t bring him happiness. It made him feel good. That day he headed home a bounce in his step and a whistle on his tongue. As he headed up the hill, he realized his heart was filled with happiness. It wasn’t something he found outside himself, it had been with him always. “

“His divine yes still not known to him, he discerned it came from within himself. Over the next handful of days, he spent time farming, writing, and cooking. These were great in their own way, but he didn’t think about them as he went to bed nor were any his first thought out of sleep.“

What Makes You Happy?

“One day his wife gave him a flute. He had played as a child and was always whistling a tune. He took the instrument to his lips, and the purpose, divine yessound that flowed brought him pure joy. He knew his divine yes.”

“He was a lover of music and making it. While his trade was a farmer, he realized that his purpose in life had nothing to do with work or career but had everything to do with what made him happy. “

What Is Your Purpose?

Our divine yes is that simple. This fable is for you; I wrote it for you. It’s a gift of clarity. Don’t confuse your profession with what your purpose is. Sometimes our purpose and our career align. Other times they do not.

Often it is something we grow into with age. The farmer loved his flute and song. He played it every day. When it came time for his sons to take over the farm and he to watch the sunrise and set he spent his time composing melodies to match what his eyes and heart saw. His Divine Yes.