My Secret Key To Success With A Podcast! Give Your Listeners Show Notes

One of the best things I learned from Jim Rohn when he was alive and I had the wonderful opportunity to study with him was put yourself in your clients shoes. You want them to be able to get something from what you share and they want to be able to use what you are selling or giving to them. podcasting show notes

As a podcast listener, you’d want something to ‘take away’ after the session, right?  That’s called show notes. 

As a small business wanting to connect and engage your audience, doing your own podcasts is one of the ways for your social media marketing efforts to come full circle.  It’s a two-way communication experience that is both educational and entertaining.  To add more value to the podcast content,  show notes that are creative and informative enhance the listeners’ experience. These don’t have to be time consuming to create and they don’t have to be extensive.

What Do Listeners Look For In Podcast Show notes?

  1. Lots and lots of Links.  Since a podcast is in audio format, a listener would not be able to easily pick-up links or urls mentioned by the speaker in the show.  Share those links on your show notes.  Your listeners will thank you for it.  It is also a wonderful way to get the listener to a landing or sales page. You an offer a coupon for your local business through a link, and you can get them to the next step in your sales funnel.
  2. Bullet points on the topics covered by the podcast give your listeners a glimpse of the flow of discussion. This is it! It’s similar to giving them the slides of your power-point. I always like to add a little detail for extra value and leave space for the listener to write notes.
  3. Along with the bullet points, indicating the time slots and time duration to be spent on each topic is much appreciated by listeners for managing their schedules.
    This one is harder to do. I find we never stay right on time. By giving an outline of the program in this manner can help a busy client get the most from your podcast.
  4. If you think that listeners squirm at the inclusion of ads on your podcasts, think again.  Some listeners may actually appreciate it, especially if it is related to the discussion, or something that you actually use, have first hand experience, and can attest for its effectively. Imagine you are talking on six tips for home-schoolers and you throw in that you’ll be doing a workshop in three weeks on a six-month planning calendar for fun, affordable, and educational field trips and other programs.
  5. A brief introduction or background about your company, your product, you–the podcast host, and the guest speakers, is a great way to establish your expertise and authority on the topic. I always like to have a guest testimonial as well or direct the listener to a link where they can hear one. Let’s say you’re an insurance agent doing podcasts for your clients and prospects. A great – pre-recorded testimonial could be the family who’s home was flooded and how you and your company jumped in to get them cared for and their home repaired so life could go back to normal with minimal stress and financial loss. 
  6. “Inside jokes” or situations mentioned that refer to previous episodes should be explained again for the benefit of first time listeners. This is a big one. Nothing shows lack of professionalism than talking about something your listener has no clue about. It makes them feel inferior and like you don’t care about them.  
  7. Say it with pictures.  Make your show notes more attractive, engaging, informative and entertaining with images and graphics. Since my favorite way to share show notes is in a pdf file you can add links, clickable link images, and make your show notes more attractive than most Ebooks! Encourage your audience to print out the notes and add their own revelations and ideas of how they can use the tips and information in their lives. 
Making your podcast stand out through show notes can help you grow your business, add value to your presentation, and help your listeners – isn’t that your goal?




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