What rituals are you creating in your life and health? Often we don’t realize we are in control and begin to run on autopilot.  It’s a simple matter; whatever you’re looking for you’ll find.

Can Changing Your Rituals Change Your Success

Look around a room looking for everything red. Count how many red things you find. Did you notice a lot of red? That’s because you were looking for it. 

We look for things without knowing it in our business all the time, and when we get it we say, “Why does it always happen to me.”

We do this all the time in our lives we say things like, “I can’t lose weight no matter what.”

As a healer, I hear that one often from patients in my practice. Many new coaching clients come to me with the ritual of telling themselves, “Luck in business doesn’t come easy.” Both are getting exactly what they are looking for. 

Tony Robbin’s Take On Rituals

One of my favorite speakers and authors is Tony Robbins, and his understanding of rituals is amazing. Look at this short video and see what rituals are you creating, Are your rituals helping you or hindering your life.

With this year almost gone, think about your goals for next year and what rituals you’re creating that can make you excel beyond this year. Regardless of what time of year it is, you can review your habits, and make changes.


How Rituals Have Changed My Life

My personal system is to review my daily habits every three months and see what needs a ‘tune-up’. I also do a focus meditation before going to sleep every night, no matter how tired, or late it is. In it I say exacting the same ritual of things, I want to be in my life. This is one of my spiritual rituals. I see myself being these. I am talking about things like grateful, healthy, and so forth. I have all these these things in my life in abundance.

Then each morning while I wake, I do a 5 minute stretch, while I review what my daily intentions are for the day.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to achieve certain goals?  What is the 1 or 2 things I must complete this day?  Also what would be a pleasurable thing to do this day. Rituals open doors, they tell the universe, Law of Attraction, God, Spirit, or what ever faith belief you embody in your life, that you are committed to the journey of life. 

My husband and I have several family rituals, like date night, going to church together, and eating dinner together. We also believe in our health. I practice the ritual of running, while he is a cyclist. 

If you’re looking for ideas on what questions to ask yourself, so you too can form power rituals,  Anthony Robbins blog has a great morning question rituals that can help you get going. 

Maybe, it’s making sure you take time for yourself regularly. Perhaps it’s learning ballroom dancing, or learning to be a better swimmer.  Many people are excited about daily rituals around their business growth. If you start using them you’ll move forward in your business.It can make a difficult task like calling back prospects who haven’t become clients yet easier.

The idea of shaking up your habits keeps you feeling young and smiling!