This is Why the interest In Pinterest!

What is with all this interest in Pinterest?

Turn Your Business Into A Profitable Pin Board

The interest in Pinterest is its popular pin-board style website for photo sharing. The site has a very active audience with over 4 million daily visitors! 

Entrepreneurs and small-business owners should have an interest in Pinterest for its upper hand in growing your business. 


Pin-board Your Business Pinterest

Making Pinterest Help You


The website has many users due to its “personalized” way of sharing images. People can go onto Pinterest to look through “boards” for inspirations or upload a “pin” to share their own individual ideas.

This new medium of sharing could turn into profits for your business. Social media has made a major difference in the way people can communicate in the last few years. It has been truly a marketing game-changer. If you are not using social media to grow your business, you are missing out! 



Get busy pinning for profits and fun

Get busy pinning for profits and fun


Businesses using social media can gain even more fans through Pinterest’s very loyal and growing audience. 

In the Pinterest infographic below, 80% of the pins on Pinterest are “Repins.”  Similar to Facebook’s “Likes” or Twitter’s “Retweet”, the “Repin” button is the most strongest tool for marketing on Pinterest. 

As a business, you want your customers to share and promote your product by re-pinning it onto the website. 

This is a great info-graphic that explains the true reach of social media marketing. Use it to cast a wide net. It will greatly change the way you experience your business.


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The key to using Pinterest for your Business