There are many reasons why your body gets sick but one is more important than genetics or where you live. It’s how you think.

Why Your Body Gets SickWhy Your Body Gets Sick

Seeing patients and clients for close to three decades has allowed me to observe human beliefs and behavior. When I work with a client we make sure to always focus on Body too. It’s not life-coaching it’s focusing on Essential Nourishment of Success.

Your success in your career or life does depend on how healthy you are. When I was a child I suffered terrible migraines. These kept me as a teen from many things most young adults enjoy. They didn’t stop until 2005. I’ll elsewhere what I did to stop migraines forever.

The Power Of Thought

Your thoughts is powerful. We are born thinking machines. When you were a baby you thought even if you didn’t walk or talk. Nature helped you adapt to a life outside your mother but as you grew you observed and thought about what you felt and saw.

How did the person who feeds me get way over there?  Why is it light or dark? Our desire to know how to walk and talk began with thought and we chose to learn these skills. The power of thought made us crawl to get to the toy, then walk, and finally run. If we didn’t think we’d be powerless. Then again, many people stop thinking for themselves as they grow into adulthood.

Your body gets sick when we stop doing what feels right to us. A client told me she didn’t have much stress. If you continuously think about troubling time in the past it is like reliving it repeatedly. It will make you get sick.

The power of beliefpower of thought

Beliefs fuel your thoughts. If you grow up in a community that believes age 50 is old then likely you do too. If you heard and adopted the idea that your genes mean you’re going to get diabetes because your parents had it then you will likely not change your eating and fitness habits to change this about yourself. Your body gets sick because you belief it’s supposed to happen. If you focus on what you want – good health, a happy life, and a successful career not the negative thoughts then you reap a better outcome.

Family, friends and other things

Then there are other ways we fall into accepting a general idea or thought that isn’t really helping us in our quest for a healthy body, mind, and career. I recall someone suggesting that as a woman I needed to work for someone else not own my own business. This is backward thinking especially today.

Had I allowed that to hold me back, I am certain I would not be healthy today. It was a belittling idea.

What about how we let that little voice in our head tell us things. Does yours say you’re not good enough, or that you can’t do something? Likely that has ruled your life to the point that you don’t try to make changes, after all your self-belief is that you can’t do it. Not doing what makes you happy is called a people pleaser and many of us think that’s a great thing to be.

This is why your body get sick. Going against what makes you happy makes you sick. It’s that simple.

Susan a pleaser did everything others wanted. She went to movies that bored her, joined a hiking club with her best friend, and more. Later she realized she didn’t like either, after 15 years being the easy one.

Once she explored her interested she found she love reading mystery novels over girl movies, and that she preferred Yoga to hiking.

Changing a few things

She only changed a few things. Susan didn’t’ go overboard just visited a book store and later when she knew reading relaxed her and cured her evening stress she got a digital reader.  It wasn’t that she didn’t like to hike, it was that she wanted variety in her fitness. She found adding she experienced less hiking injuries or joint problems as her core strength improved.

Change isn’t always removing something rather it can be spicing things up.

3 rules to better healthChanging a few things

  1. Try something new every 2-3 months. This can be physical, mental, or in your daily life. Chose to try a food you haven’t eaten like a pomegranate! Drinking the juice doesn’t count.
  2. Up your fitness game. If you walk add 5 to 10 minutes to your time. If you don’t do any type of physical activity find something to do once a week. Increase this to 3 times weekly or more.
  3. This is the hard one. Spend 15 minutes daily with yourself. It can be writing in a journal. Meditating or doing something that helps you go within yourself. If you’ve not done this in the past you might want to find out more about it.


Why your body gets sick is complicated. Just today a client asked me today about this. Your physical self is effected by your emotions, your mental thoughts, and other physical things like viruses for instance. It’s not genetics that’s important.

Your body gets sick when you don’t take care of it or your mind or emotions.The Power of Thought can create stress, fear, or worry in your life. Eventually you get sick. Just change a few things slowly to improve your health.