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Facebook Engagement Can Be Increased By Incorporating Photos

If you are using Facebook as apart of your business finding ways to get more Facebook engagement can be tricky. Finding ways to market your product or business are extremely important, especially in the virtual world. First it might be good to explain engagement. If you’re not aware FB doesn’t show you everything from all the people you have as friends so they try to show you what they think you want to see. 

People by nature click on images more often than anything else. It lets them peer into your world and even if you’re their photographer, insurance agent, or the online mommy site they’ve been purchasing from they like to feel they know you and are part of your world. 

3 Facebook Photo Ideas

I want to share with you my 3 favorite ways to increase your engagement using photos. These are not just any photos, but rather photos of your business and what it entails.

Most people have found that successfully marketing and driving traffic to their Facebook means posting pictures of what their business looks like and represents. If you have a local biz it’s okay to show the latest new plant in a photo. A smiling face of your staff, or the Holiday tree in the corner. Let your prospects and clients into your world. These are the ways to make this a success. 

1. Integrate Instagram with your page – By using Instagram as an integrated part of your page you are allowing users to see what goes on behind the scenes. People like to know what you and your business is about and there is no better way to show that than providing pictures of what you do.

2. Attach images to link posts – You will probably find that people aren’t responding to your posts if there is just a boring link. Facebook engagement is all about reaching out to your potential customers. If they see that your page is boring and nothing but links to your blog they will probably leave as soon as they get there.

However, if they see that you have posted a picture that is eye catching and attracts attention they could be more inclined to follow the link and see what you’re all about.facebook photos

3. Include a screenshot of your content from your blog– You can increase engagement by showing your potential followers a screenshot of your blog content. By doing this people will be able to see what your blog or business is about with just a quick glance. While it’s not guaranteed to increase Facebook engagement, it will definitely help your potential customers see what you may have to offer them.

My belief is that all solo-entrepreneurs or small businesses need to do direct marketing and online marketing. Facebook plays a big part in your reputation and image. It’s best that you manage it or someone else will. 

Now what do you think I want you to share in the comments with this post? Something about your FB profile or page. It can be a post you did, an invite or what ever you like that is on topic. For more ideas on what to do on FB to engage with your friends besides photos you can read these 5 Tips.